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● TWRP - Failed To Restore Data / Error Sending Message To Add Storage 65537

posted 18 Jan 2017, 08:58 by Dominique Cressatti   [ updated 17 Jul 2017, 00:33 ]

OK don't panic if in TWRP:
  • Restoring a ROM fails at restoring the Data partition
  • When you try to format the Data partition you get "Error Sending Message To Add Storage 65537"
  • You install a custom ROM successfully but it never fully boot
While flashing the system partition or restoring a backup.

Chances are that because of a bug in some version of TWRP, sometimes MTP gets enabled by default when you go into recovery, thus prevents R/W access to the data partition. 

To fix it, in TWRP (obviously!), go to Mount ➡️ Disable MTP and try again